The Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children (J/J) is the pediatric companion instrument to the CBQ.  It is the first assessment tool for bipolar disorder designed specifically for children.

The J/J is a survey developed for use by children ages 5 to 12 years old.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to answer the questions.

The J/J has comic-strip style illustrations that engage the child’s interest while diminishing the threat of self-disclosure.  This format promotes the child’s willingness and ability to reveal mood states, fears, suicidal thoughts and/or hallucinations that he or she may be unwilling to talk about with the parent and clinician.

Through the child’s responses to the various illustrations the psychiatrist, therapist and parent are able to gain insight into the child’s internal world.  The child, through his or her responses to pictures, is able to communicate ideologies which he or she is unable or unwilling to express orally.  The ability to share these thoughts/feelings/emotions/hallucinations makes the child feel less isolated and alone.  Moreover, the completed diagnostic instrument gives information so that medical and therapeutic interventions can be tailored to each child’s concerns and subjective feelings as well as to his or her behaviors.

Keyed to the CBQ items, the questions of the J/J describe symptoms and behaviors experienced by a cartoon-like child, either Jeannie (for girls) or Jeffrey (for boys).  Each questions is illustrated with pictures designed to allow the child to endorse a symptom or behavior without the use of words.

In conjunction with the CBQ, JBRF uses the J/J to determine potential eligibility for research studies and maintains email contact with the families who submit this data to inform them of their children’s initial eligibility.

A registration form must be filled out before parents may enter data using JBRF’s interactive data acquisition program.  This is a simple form that pops up before the J/J can be accessed.  Once the form is submitted, the J/J pops up. Data are stored using unique confidential parent and child ID numbers.  The registration form allows the registrant to choose to submit the J/J data on an anonymous basis to JBRF’s database.

How do you know the results?

There are two options for obtaining the results of the J/J:

At the completion of the questionnaire there is an option to print out the completed J/J.  Choose this option and bring the completed J/J to the diagnosing or treating professional.

– OR –

Choose to purchase an automatically scored report.  The result is a printed score sheet for the J/J listing important scores and their indications, as well as dimensions of impairment indicated by item responses.  This score sheet will be printed directly from the website. The cost of this service is $25.00.*

* This service is offered by Demitri Papolos, M.D., the JBRF Director of Research, through the JBRF website.  Dr. Papolos developed the J/J and the automated scoring report with the support of JBRF.  The proceeds of this service do not go to JBRF.

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