Support Groups & Skill Groups

“I am so thankful for our support group. We would definitely be facing hospitalization right now without JBRF, so we are beyond grateful!” 

– Mother of a 8 year old with Fear of Harm


“I cannot overstate how valuable the JBRF parent support resources have been… Each time I engage with this group, I feel buoyed to pick up on similarities in experience, yet refreshed to learn of  families’ unique perspectives and approaches.” 

– Mother of a 10 year old with Fear of Harm


“Being able to come together with other caregivers to share ideas and support has been priceless. Hearing from them while they are farther on in their journey to stabilization of the FOH symptoms helps to reaffirm I have taken the correct steps to bring meaningful change and calm to my child.” 

– Parent of a 10 year old with Fear of Harm


“My son enjoys hearing from peers, who experience and share some of the same struggles.”

– Mother of a 14 year old with Fear of Harm


“As a parent, I am so happy my son has other teens to share these struggles with and who can relate to him and understand the intensity of his emotions and feelings.”

– Parent of a 15 year old with Bipolar Disorder

Fear of Harm Training Course for Parents

“Besides increasing my own personal learning, this series has allowed  non-toxic, informative conversation between me and my FOH child.”

– Mother of an adult child with Fear of Harm


“For all the families who have not been fortunate enough to have Dr. Papolos in their lives, this program can be a true game changer.” 

– Parent of an adult child with Fear of Harm


“This makes it easier to understand the way the disorder is affecting your child and your family and provides excellent advice on discipline and intervention that makes the most impact.”

– Mother of a 9 year old with Fear of Harm


“This program lays out just how and why my child behaves the way he does and it has validated all of our experiences. It’s such a relief to know that there are ways to manage this disorder.”

– Mother of an 11 year old with Fear of Harm

Fear of Harm Training Course for Clinicians

“This is a great program! It has reminded me of so many things I had forgotten therapeutically, let alone developing awareness of Fear of Harm.”

– Licenced Psychological Practitioner


“I’ve found the training modules to be extremely helpful in framing client treatment.”

– Licenced Clinical Social Worker


“Whenever I see a kid with a ton of diagnoses I think, what’s underneath that we’re missing? This course lays out what we’re missing and makes it possible to give the right treatment.”

– Licenced Marriage and Family Counselor

Child & Family Advocacy

 “I am exceptionally grateful for the direct advocacy the foundation provided on behalf of my family. Their proactive, individualized and compassionate approach was instrumental in enabling us to pursue these life-altering treatments.”

– Mother of an 11 year old with Fear of Harm

“Having someone from JBRF explain to my child’s teachers and school counselor what Fear of Harm is made such huge difference in how he was treated at school. I couldn’t have done that on my own.”

– Parent of a 12 year old with Fear of Harm

The Clinician’s Pathway Program (CPP) and its assessment tools, the CBQ and JJ, were developed by Dr. Demitri Papolos. By clicking the links below you will leave www.jbrf.org and be redirected to the research site that contains the CPP and the CBQ & JJ assessments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these tools please direct them to Dr. Papolos’s system administrator at CPP@drpapolos.com

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Scoring for assessments within the CPP is a fee-based service offered by the private practice of Demitri Papolos, M.D.; this service is independent of JBRF but may be accessed through the JBRF website. Dr. Papolos developed the CBQ & JJ measures and their automated scoring report with the support of JBRF. Questions and/or concerns with regard to the scored report should be addressed to CPP@drpapolos.com