Thermoregulatory Fear of Harm Mood Disorder* is a legitimate psychiatric disorder with a known effective treatment.

Learn About This Groundbreaking New Diagnosis, How To Recognize It, And How To Treat It.

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* Fear of Harm

Diagnostic Criteria

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The Fear of Harm Training Courses are custom designed for clinicians and prescribers. Each course teaches how to recognize, diagnose, and treat Fear of Harm whether you are a  professional counselor, social worker, psychologist, MD, APN, or CNP. These courses will support you as you help children and families get their lives back.


Testing for Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm

Clinician's Pathway Program

Dr. Demitri Papolos, author of the best selling book The Bipolar Child, has developed an online tool to help diagnose juvenile onset bipolar disorder accurately.

Dr. Papolos’s private practice offers a diagnostic assessment program for juvenile bipolar disorder designed for use in clinical and research settings to screen for bipolar disorder in children from parent and child reports.

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For any questions about account access, scoring, or fees, please direct all questions to Dr. Papolos’s administrator:

*Illustrated by Karl Gude, director of graphic design at Newsweek magazine

Through Dr. Papolos’s private practice parents can take the Child Bipolar Questionnaire, or children can take the Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children. These are the only diagnostic tools designed specifically for children with bipolar disorder.

Dr. Papolos’s private practice is responsible for all issues relating to account development, access, scoring, and scoring fees. Please direct all question to his administrator:

The Professionals Training Program

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