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September 2021



Since the day we came across the Fear of Harm information on the JBRF website
it’s like our family’s life has just taken a totally different trajectory. 
It’s like there’s hope and a roadmap.
JBRF has been a lifeline to my family: provided information, offered us support
– their educational program has been phenomenal. 
The parent support groups help us not to feel alone.
There’s been a huge improvement even from where we were last year to this year.
I’m super happy I’ve found JBRF and I’m getting the help
that we so desperately needed
JBRF has been so helpful. Through the classes and networking with other parents online you’ve given us a new hope that there’s help out there.

These are the kinds of messages JBRF hears from families every day. This is how we know that the connections we foster have real meaning and real value for families.


The support, advocacy, and research informed education JBRF brings to parents and families is essential to helping their children regain stability.

Through JBRF’s outreach work we see a lot of families struggling to help their children, to figure out what the next steps are, and to know where to turn to find resources. “We meet a lot of parents who know they need help, but don’t know where to start,” says JBRF executive director Elizabeth Errico. “It’s incredibly important to us that we provide the consistent support and accurate information they need to get onto the path to recovery.”

You Don’t Need To

Reinvent the Wheel

Ms. Errico goes on to say, “I always tell parents two things: 1. You’re not alone, and 2. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” JBRF has figured out how to get the most crucial information into the hands of parents in a quick, easy, and straightforward manner. “This is exactly why we created our online education programs,” says Ms. Errico. “No matter what day of the week, or what time of day, the online training course is there to answer the thousand and one questions parents have about Fear of Harm.”
The parent course is custom designed for families and loved ones. It teaches how to recognize and manage Fear of Harm, and it helps parents know how to advocate for the best treatment, and how to get their family life back. This course contains four and a half hours of material that goes step-by-step through how to manage symptoms, manage discipline, and limit set effectively. It’s filled with practical suggestions that have come from the front lines: from the researchers uncovering Fear of Harm’s causes and treatments and from parents raising children with Fear of Harm.
There’s even a companion course designed specifically for therapists, school counselors, and other practitioners. This ensures providers have the information they need to provide effective treatment. “We can give mental health professionals the tools they need to treat Fear of Harm effectively.” Ms. Errico adds, “At JBRF we’re creating a community of professionals who meet monthly to support each other around this new diagnosis.” 
If you’re ready to make life improving personal or professional connections, then it’s time to check out JBRF’s online courses and to become part of our community today.

September’s Featured Product:

Mom, Jana, tells us about the incredible data she’s been able to collect using the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad with the BedJet:

“I like this sleep tracker. My son won’t keep a watch on when he sleeps and with this there’s nothing to wear. It tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, time to fall asleep/get out of bed, times awake, and times out of bed. I can view the data with the smartphone app or on a web browser. We’ve used it for 6 months now and I feel like I have unlocked the secret code! His REM cycles synced with the BedJet settings have reached 31%!”

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