We know you've tried everything and are feeling beaten down by your child’s unrelenting emotional and behavioral struggles.

JBRF Helps Families

Through JBRF’s research, education, outreach, and advocacy programs and services we’re here to help families struggling with juvenile onset bipolar disorder and its newly identified phenotype Fear of Harm. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and you’re not alone.  

Outreach for Families Living with Bipolar Disorder & Fear of Harm

Advocacy Programs to Assist Success at Home, at School, and in the Community

School Advocacy Program for Families

Children with bipolar disorder or Fear of Harm need special accommodations in school. 

Our kids may be distractible, inattentive, anxious, perfectionistic, and have difficulty making transitions. 

Medications can cause sleepiness or may result in cognitive difficulties. 

Frequently, our children have learning disabilities and executive function deficits which make it harder for them to organize, break things down, and accomplish complex tasks. 

All of these issues complicate school expectations. 

Access school advocacy information & resources for more information.

Community Mental Health Advocacy

Juvenile Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm aren’t well known yet amongst practitioners and JBRF can help. 

JBRF can advocate with you on behalf of your child to their mental and health care providers to ensure your child gets the right diagnosis and effective treatment. 

We’ll work with you and your child’s whole team to help them reach stability. 

Reach out to us at advocacy@jbrf.org for more information.

Testing for Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm

*Illustrated by Karl Gude, director of graphic design at Newsweek magazine

Dr. Demitri Papolos, author of the best selling book The Bipolar Child, has developed an online tool to help diagnose juvenile onset bipolar disorder accurately.

Through Dr. Papolos’s private practice parents can take the Child Bipolar Questionnaire, or children can take the Jeannie and Jeffrey Illustrated Interview for Children. These are the only diagnostic tools designed specifically for children with bipolar disorder.

Dr. Papolos’s private practice is responsible for all issues relating to account development, access, scoring, and scoring fees. Please direct all question to his administrator: CPP@drpapolos.com


Everyday JBRF strives to fulfill our mission to support children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and Fear of Harm. To hear what families and practitioners have to say about JBRF programs and services, please visit our testimonials page

We’re honored to be able to serve countless families and professionals as we work together to make sure everyone has access to the path to hope.