Educational Resources

Children with bipolar disorder and/or Fear of Harm need special accommodations in school. They have an illness which causes their energy levels and their ability to focus vary from:

  • Day to day;
  • One season to the next; or from
  • One school year to the next.


Our children with Fear of Harm are often highly gifted, but may have difficulty:

  • Making transitions; or with
  • Distractibility; 
  • Inattentiveness; 
  • Anxiety; or 
  • Being perfectionistic. 


Children may also be:

  • Sleepy from medications; 
  • Having cognitive difficulties as a result of them;
  • Experiencing learning disabilities; or
  • Experiencing executive function deficits.


All of this makes it extremely difficult to:

  • Organize;
  • Break things down; and 
  • Accomplish complex tasks.


These challenges complicate learning and the ability to live up to academic demands.

The materials in this section can help parents, teachers, and the educational team decrease the struggles children with Fear of Harm have, and ensure a comfort level that allows them to learn and excel in school.

Bipolar Disorder & Fear of Harm Educational Needs Summary (PDF)

Bipolar Disorder, Fear of Harm, and Medication Symptoms and Accommodations (PDF)

Symptoms & Accommodations: Specific IEP Style Template (PDF)

Mood Disorder Introduction for Schools (PDF)

Ketamine in the Treatment of Fear of Harm (PDF)

* These pages are for reference only. We do not recommend they be used without consultation with your child’s care team and they may require adjustment for your child’s specific circumstances.