Fear of Harm: Free Introductory Course

Video 1: Jeffrey’s Story
Video 2: Diagnostic Criteria
Video 3: A Revolutionary Discovery
Video 4: The Next Step

The Next Step

JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach. JBRF is the only organization working to improve the lives of children and families struggling with Fear of Harm.

JBRF’s outstanding research team has done groundbreaking work identifying this new phenotype of bipolar disorder, currently referred to as Thermoregulatory Fear of Harm Disorder, or Fear of Harm for short. They’ve identified a treatment for Fear of Harm that is safe, affordable, and effective.

JBRF provides these educational resources so that families, patients, clinicians, and prescribers can know how to recognize, treat, and manage Fear of Harm.

The Next Step

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