Q&A on the significance of the longitudinal study of intranasal ketamine in a novel phenotype of bipolar disorder

Clinical experience using intranasal ketamine in the longitudinal treatment of juvenile bipolar disorder with fear of harm phenotype. Papolos D1, Frei M2, Rossignol D3, Mattis S4, Hernandez-Garcia LC5, Teicher MH5.J Affect Disord. 2017 Aug 30. 1. Were you surprised by your findings, why, why not? I was surprised by the magnitude of the effect when…

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Many thanks for your continuing support of the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation. All progress we make is attributable to your extraordinarily consistent generosity.

Your contributions have helped fund research that has resulted in ground‐breaking studies that identified a novel subtype, and an effective treatment for the most severe form of juvenile‐onset bipolar disorder (referred to as the Fear of Harm subtype). The research led to a major expansion of knowledge in the field.

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