April 2016: NPR Interviews Dr. Papolos on Eric Walton

Son of Liza Long “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”

The subject is being showcased because of a recent TEDx talk given by 16 year old Eric Walton, the son of Liza Long, who published an article, “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” several days after the Sandy Hook killings.

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

JBRF is an organization that actively promotes and supports scientific research focused on the cause of and treatments for bipolar disorder in children.

We are the first and only non-profit foundation dedicated solely to promoting research to identify the source of early-onset bipolar disorder. Read more about JBRF


JBRF sponsored investigators have looked long and hard at the total symptom profile of thousands of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

From this, a compelling new view of the illness has emerged.

Investigators are confident that they have identified a true, brain-based, heritable condition which has a broad range of symptoms and which is strongly correlated to problems with how the body regulates temperature.


A Statement of Support

JBRF is a research organization –but some of us are also parents. Those of us who aren’t parents have been involved with the struggle long enough to share the perspective. The following is a statement of empathy and support to all the families out there. Read our Statement of Support