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For any parent raising a child affected by bipolar disorder, this is an invaluable interview.

This interview provides a complete description of the FOH phenotype and clarifies the confusion caused by DSM controversies.

An overview of the intranasal ketamine clinical study is presented by the study’s coordinator, Alyssa Bronsteen.

MOST IMPORTANT: this is your chance to meet a mother who has nurtured a son who has struggled with the symptoms of bipolar disorder his entire life.  Hear her describe her son’s life pre- and post- intranasal ketamine treatment.



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Recruiting for Treatment Study – video

Recruiting for Treatment Study – video

This is a video that documents the experiences of three children who have participated in the pilot study of intranasal ketamine as a treatment for juvenile bipolar disorder.

Dr. Demitri Papolos, Director of Research for JBRF, developed and implemented a pilot study to explore the efficacy of intranasal ketamine as a treatment for children who have been diagnosed with early-onset bipolar disorder.  The study is in its fourth year and includes over 20 children and teens who fit the Fear of Harm profile (click here for a description of the Fear of Harm Phenotype) and struggle with thermoregulatory dysfunction (click here to access the study relevant to thermoregulation).

The children and teens participating in this pilot study had symptoms that were resistant to traditional treatment protocols for bipolar disorder.

Please click here to view the video.





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