On the 18th of September 2001, the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation presented a conference at which Janice Papolos was a keynote speaker. Her lecture, entitled Educating and Nurturing the Bipolar Child, was an incredibly informative and compassionate look at what a student with bipolar disorder faces minute-to-minute throughout the school day.

As she spoke, Janice Papolos revealed the often unrecognized, and insidious factors that severely impact the children in the academic environment, causing them such frustration and such a sense of failure. These include:

  • Executive function deficits
  • Severe anxiety
  • Poor working memory
  • Difficulty with the concept of time
  • Difficulty with tasks requiring sequencing
  • Disorders of written expression
  • Reduced alertness in the morning
    (sleep inertia)

In less than an hour, Janice Papolos managed to be not only highly informative, but humorous, and extremely moving. She helped the audience experience the school day through the eyes of the struggling child, and gave teachers and parents easy-to-implement strategies and tools that make learning less stressful and more fulfilling.

JBRF made a DVD of this live presentation. All profits from its sales go directly to supporting JBRF research projects.

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